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Ministry of Transport

State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia - SCAA

Alexander Vasilyevich Neradko

Director of the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia
Alexander Vasilyevich Neradko, First Deputy Minister of Transport / Director of the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia

Alexander Neradko was born in 1964. He graduated from the Moscow Civil Aviation Engineer Institute in 1984.

Mr. Neradko held various engineering & executive positions in civil aviation enterprises, the State Commission for Flight Safety Oversight. In 1993 Alexander joined the Air Transport Department, where he headed the State Flight Safety Oversight Department. He was responsible for improving operation & maintenance of civil aircraft and ensuring flight safety of civil aviation.

Pursuant to the Russian Federation Government`s Decision No 1078-r of August 5, 2000, Alexander Neradko was appointed First Deputy Minister of Transport.

By the order of Minister of Transport, Mr. Neradko was made responsible for overseeing the civil aviation branch √ the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia.

Mr. Neradko`s responsibilities include:
  • coordinate development and activity of civil aviation to satisfy the public needs and economic requirements to civil aviation services;
  • organizes execution of functions specified in the Statute of the Transport Ministry as regards the civil aviation branch (the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia);
  • coordinate activities of other Deputy Ministers responsible for civil aviation issues and related to the SCAA;
  • chair the RF Commission for ICAO Affairs, organize & coordinate its work.
Alexander Neradko immediatedly coordinates and controls activities of the following departments:
  • Aviation Security & Special Flight Support Department,
  • Flight Standards Department,
  • State Air Traffic Management Regulation Department,
  • Continued Civil Aircraft Airworthiness & Civil Aviation Technical Development Department,
  • Civil Aviation Economic Regulation Department,
  • State Flight Safety Oversight Department,
  • Airport Activity Department,
  • Personnel & Training Institution Department,
  • Air Transportation, Work & Services Department,
  • International Relations Department,
  • Accreditation, Visa Support & Protocol Division,
  • Legal Support Division.
Mr. Neradko reviews issues related to the competence of the following departments:
  • Investment Policy & Development Program Department (investments in Civil Aviation);
  • Finance Department (budget financing of Civil Aviation);
  • State Transport Property Department (federal property in Civil Aviation);
  • federal state unitary enterprises in Civil Aviation subordinate to the Ministry of Transport;
  • state civil aviation institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Transport;
  • civil aviation organizations and public associations.
Mr. Neradko participates in the work of the following commissions:
  • international governmental commissions for economic cooperation with foreign nations;
  • governmental & interdepartmental commissions.

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