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Ministry of Transport

State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia - SCAA

Pursuant to the Russian Government`s Decision No 1038 of December 2000, the State Civil Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Transport is a specially authorized body in the field of Civil Aviation. The agency has the following responsibilities:

  • approve an inventory of product, works, services as well as legal entities, which activities are imedaitedly associated with provision of aircraft flight safety or aviation security for mandatory certification;
  • participate as appropriate in organization and conduct of certification of categorized and international airdromes, types of airdrome equipment, types of ground radar, navigation and communication equipment and complexes, individual subsystems and components, automated and non-automated air traffic control systems designed to support flights of aircraft along air routes as well as production of such equipment;
  • participate in certification of civil aircraft, engines, new types of propellers, as well as in procedures for recognizing airworthiness standards and airworthiness certificates of foreign-made civil aircraft, imported ground aviation equipment, issue airworthiness certificates of civil aircraft;
  • maintain state registers of civil aircraft, airdromes, airports, certified entities; registers of federal airspace use rules and federal aviation rules, approved in the Russian Federation, databases and databanks of regulatory documents in the field of Civil Aviation, being federal information resources;
  • exercise state control over provision of aircraft flight safety and aviation security of civil aviation, as well as airworthiness of civil aircraft, engines, propellers during their operation;
  • participate (as established by the Russian Government) in investigation of accidents involving civil aircraft in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation's civil aircraft in the territory of other States, organize and conduct investigation of emergencies, incidents and damage of civil aircraft in the territory of the Russian Federation, participate in investigation of such events involving civil aircraft of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation's civil aircraft in the territory of other States; maintain records of aviation and emergency accidents, incidents, involving civil aircraft and their damage;
  • organize and control search, emergency- recue and fire-fighting coverage of flights and objects of civil aviation infrastructure;
  • participate in conduct of operations aimed to resolve crisis situations related to acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation activity, as well as conduct relative service investigations;
  • carry out functions of state customer of the federal target programs related to development of civil aviation, creation and testing of aircraft and ground equipment, air traffic management systems and facilities, jointly with the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense - modernization programs for the Russian Federation's joint air traffic management system, approve technical conditions for procured off-the-shelf equipment;
  • approve (through coordination with the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense) programs and plans for equiping of civil units of the Russian Federation's joint air traffic management system with radar, naivgation and communication facilities, automated complexes designed for airspace use planning and air traffic management, as well as programs and plans for equiping civil aircraft with systems of state radar identification;
  • carry out state customer's functions in the field of air navigation services of aircraft flights, make air navigation service agreements with airspace users;
  • organize collection of air navigation fees, distribute recieved revenues among enterprises providing air navigation services and exercise control over their purposeful and effective use;
  • establish forms of transportation documents (ticket, baggage reciept, cargo waybill), attesting conclusion of an agreement on transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo by air transport; establish (jointly with the Russian Federation's Ministry of Communication and Informatization) form of mail waybills, attesting conclusion of an agreement on transportation of mail by air transport;
  • establish as appropriate guidlines for formation, applications and registration of fares, collection of fees (including development and approving of their listing) in the field of Civil Aviation;
  • approve rates of air navigation charges, except for air navigation charges at airports, in accordance with intergovernmental agreements - fares on international air services;
  • establish classifications for airspace areas according to types of air traffic services provided;
  • participate in development and implementation of plans for development of airspace control systems, joint radar, navigation and communication coverage;
  • organize and exercise control over flight operations, issue ceftificates (liciences) for civil aviation personnel;
  • develop and organize impelemtation of measures aimed to develop logistics for maintenance and repair of aircraft and fueling complexes;
  • coordinate routes, flight frequencies, aircraft types, capacities, quotas for international air services and conditions for their operation with authorized civil aviation bodies of other States;
  • approves (in established cases) health requirements to aviation personnel, organize and improve medical checks and provision of medical health;
  • carry out organizational & methodological management of aviation medicine and coordination in the field of labor protection and health care for civil aviation staff;
  • carry out functions of a main organization responsible for participation of the Russian Federation in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ensures activity of the Russian Federation's Commission for ICAO Affairs;

    CVs of Top Aviation Officials:

    Alexander Neradko, First Deputy Minister of Transport /Head of State Civil Aviation Authority

    Pavel Rozhkov, Deputy Minister of Transport

    Karl Ruppel, Deputy Minister of Transport

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