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Translation from Russian prepared by Elmar Giemulla,
Heiko van Schyndel, Andrew Muriel and Neil Budd
ILB Internationale Luftfahrt- und Verkehrsberatung GmbH/Watson,
Parley & Williams


Adopted by the State Duma on
February 19, 1997
Approved by the Council of the Federation on
March 5, 1997

This Code establishes the legal fundamentals of the exploitation of the air space of the Russian Federation and activities in the field of aviation.

The State regulation of the exploitation of the air space and of activities in the field of aviation is aimed at guaranteeing the needs of the citizens and the economy in air transportation and aerial work, as well as guaranteeing the defence and security of the State, the safeguarding of State interests, the safety of flights of aircraft, and aviation and environmental safety.

Content :

  • Chapter 1: General Provisions
  • Chapter 2: State Regulation of Exploitation of Air Space
  • Chapter 3: State Regulation of Activity in the Field of Aviation
  • Chapter 4: State Control Over Activities in the Field of Civil Aviation
  • Chapter 5: Aircraft
  • Chapter 6: Aerodromes, Airports and Objects of the Single System of Air Traffic Organisation
  • Chapter 7: Aviation Personnel
  • Chapter 8: Crew of an Aircraft
  • Chapter 9: Aviation Entities
  • Chapter 10: Flights of Aircraft
  • Chapter 11: International Flights of Aircraft
  • Chapter 12: Aviation Security
  • Chapter 13: Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 14: Air-accident or Incident Investigation
  • Chapter 15: Air Carriage
  • Chapter 16: Aerial Work
  • Chapter 17: Liability of the Carrier, Operator and Consignor
  • Chapter 18: Concluding Statements

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